At Avalon you will find all of the facilities you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There are English toilets and HOT showers available for your use and fresh drinking water is available on site.

Mobile phones can be charged at no extra cost. Fridge freezer available.

Unlimited hot water at no extra cost.


The Lake

& Facitilies

The Lake

Avalon is a beautifully mature six acre lake that is home to approximately three hundred carp as well as a dozen catfish. The carp have already achieved weights in excess of 50lb and the catfish have been caught at weights exceeding 110lb. Around the lake there are six purpose built cabins for anglers to use so no bivvies are required. The lake has an average depth of nine feet and at the deepest point there is eighteen feet of water. The lake is stream fed and the regular turnover of fresh water coupled with the volume ensures that the fish have the optimum environment in which to thrive.