& Fishing Rules

Who we areFishing Rules.

● Maximum of three rods per angler.

● Rods are never to be completely unattended and anglers should maintain a sensible distance from their rods. Don't blame us if you loose a rod. It has happened before.

● No braided mainline – minimum mainline breaking strain of 15lb.

● Micro barbed hooks only – NO barbless.

● NO death rigs. All rigs and lead release systems will be checked.

● Suitable unhooking mats for the size of fish must be used at all times and must only be wetted with lake water.

● Kryston Klin-Ik or Korda's carp care kit should be used to treat all hook holds and any lifted scales/body sores.

● All fish must be returned within a reasonable period of capture and should be retained in a weigh sling and allowed to fully recover before release.

● The use of ALL nuts is strictly prohibited.

● The use of ALL particles is strictly prohibited unless purchased on site.

● NO fires or barbecues under any circumstances.

● Swimming and wading out are strictly prohibited.

● All litter and rubbish should be placed in the rubbish bags and bins provided.

Wildlife and fish welfare are extremely important and every attempt should be made to respect this. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund.

Who we arePrices.

Avalon is available to book on an individual or as a group booking. The maximum number of Anglers per week is six. Group bookings of six and exclusive bookings will recieve a discount of 10%

Drive and Survive


Per Person, Per Week

All Exclusive


Up to Six Anglers

Long Weekend (Friday to Monday)


Fishing Only (With Food £195)

Fishing & Food


Includes Full English Breakfast & Evening Meal + Pudding Per Person

Who we areHiring.


2 Rod setup with bait runner reels and pod plus alarms - £80 (Per Week)

Bed Chair and Day Chair

£15 (Per Week)


Bait is available at £4.00 per kilo

The Whole Lot

£95(Plus Deposit)

Prices are for the week, Which runs from Saturday to Saturday.

Arrival before 2pm and vacating no later than 11am

A shuttle service from Limoges Airport to and from (FREE of Charge)